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Nature, tradition, and premium quality

Backed up by more than 25 years of experience in the promotion and distribution of cheeses, preserves and homemade sweets within the local, as well as domestic and international markets
We invite you to discover the flavour of Asturias…

Asturias Tierra y Mar Selection

We select those producers with traditional methods of production combined with the most modern quality controls guaranteeing the maximum quality of our range of products.

On the coast of asturias there is a fishing tradition that, together with the quality of the products from the land, provides our preserves with the basic ingredients for a traditional and artisanal elaboration, without additives.
The careful selection and proper handling of raw materials are our brand seal of quality.

The indigenous peoples cultivated the cocoa plant. the aztecs called cocoa “cacahuatle” and the drink they prepared with “chocoalt”. Such was it value that they used the seeds as currency. The spanish introduced cocoa to europe in 1528. From then on it spread throughout the continent.
Our varieties are produced in accordance with the tradition and the know-how of the craftsmen.

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